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Bubbles - Professional Mobile Valet Service
Dear Steve

Because I never got to thank you in person, just a note to thank you for the valet you carried out on my car.

As you know I work very long hours as a senior financial advisor and it is very important to me that my car gives the right impression when I arrive at clients premises...
-- Mr P.F. Scott Lloyds Bank
Bubbles - Professional Mobile Valet Service
Steve Stanley,
  Mobile : 07811 909054
  Email : bubblescarvalet@aol.com
Car Insurance & Tips
Breakdown Cover Guide and Tips

If you are planning on professional valet service to make sure that your car is as well maintained as possible, then you are obviously someone who takes great pride in their vehicle.

However, regardless of how much effort you put into vehicle cleanliness; car breakdowns are still a possibility. These can be a very costly affair if you haven’t got a breakdown cover policy in place, with motorway recovery services regularly charging in excess of £100 just to recover your vehicle. This is before the necessary repair costs are even considered.

With breakdown cover policies available from as little as £29 on price comparison websites such as MoneySupermarket.com, it really makes little sense to go without at least a basic policy.

Different levels explained

There are five different levels of breakdown cover which are available to motorists, with each differing based on the amount of protection which will be afforded:

Roadside: This is the most basic cover level with policies therefore available from as little as £29. Breakdown cover providers will send out a patrol to either repair the vehicle at the side of the road following a failure or transport it to a nearby garage. The cost of any replacement parts which are required is not included, but it will help the policy holder avoid the potential £100 unexpected call out fee which is required through most motorway recovery services.

National: The national level of cover is basically the same as the roadside level, but the only difference concerns both the driver and passengers who the provider will agree to transport to a destination of their choice when a car failure occurs. You will pay a little bit extra for this but the price difference is usually minimal.

Home Start: One thing to bear in mind if you take out a policy at one of the two before mentioned cover levels is that the provider will only agree to attend to call outs that occur a certain distance away from your home. This means that you will be completely unprotected if you can’t get your car to start in the morning for instance. However, this is not a problem at the Home Start level of breakdown cover.

Onward travel: Onward travel contains everything that has been mentioned in the three before mentioned levels but also guarantees to cover the cost of any expenses that you accrue as a result of the breakdown. This could include car hire and even accommodation costs.

European: People who take their vehicle abroad will not be covered by their breakdown cover policy in the vast majority of cases. If you feel that European travel is likely, then it is recommended that you take out a separate European breakdown cover policy which will offer you the same level of protection as you would receive at home. It also means that you don’t have to find and locate recovery services in a foreign land while communicating in a language in which you may not be fluent; a process that can be both complicated and confusing.

Personal or vehicle

There are two different options available at each of these five cover levels, with motorists being able to pick either vehicle specific or personal policies.

With a vehicle specific policy, the particular car which is nominated on the policy will be covered in the event of a breakdown; with the provider agree to attend to the call-out regardless of who is driving the vehicle. Personal policies however are set around an individual, with the breakdown cover provider agreeing to attend to a call-out regardless of what vehicle the policy holder is driving.

Vehicle specific is usually the cheaper option, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best value for money; particular if you know that you are going to be doing a lot of driving in other vehicles.

Top tips

Indeed, this last thought should be at the foremost of your thoughts throughout the breakdown cover search; as the cheapest deal is not always the best value for money.

Some cheaper policies for instance may have set higher excess levels than the more expensive policies, and may also afford policy holders fewer call-outs over the duration of the policy. There may also be a rather constraining cap on the amount of time that call-out attendants are permitted to spend repairing your vehicle with one of these cheaper policies.

However, regardless of what provider or level of cover you opt for; it is very much recommended that you at least a basic breakdown cover policy. It simply makes little sense not to in light of the increasing call-out fees which are necessary for people who do not have already have a breakdown cover policy in place when a failure occurs.